Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gemischter Satz Glasses

We've all heard of Chardonnay glasses and Merlot glasses, Burgundy glasses and glasses for Rose, but here's a new one: Gemischter Satz glasses. These aren't made by the esteemed Riedel company, instead these are produced by POLKA, self described as a, "young and successful design company from Austria."

Roughly translated, Gemischter Satz means "mixed matter" which describes the many grapes that are blended together to create these wines. These glasses were designed for elegant, every day drinking experiences.

Each glass is made of mouth-blown, Lebmyer crystal and has a genuine story behind it. Retailing for $109, this may be something you want to add to your Christmas list.

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carlo said...

Gemischter Satz (literally 'mixed set' or "field blend") was made in Vienna for centuries, but became particularly dominant in the early part of the last century. After the first World War, Austria was in a serious state of fiscal depression. The farmers who owned the very small plots around the city had to guarantee themselves at least a small income, regardless of weather. To ensure they would always have some harvest they planted numerous varietals in the same field. If it were to cold or to wet for one, then maybe its neighbour might excel. The resulting fruit would be harvested and crushed together on the same day. Some grapes would be over ripe, some under. Some would have bright acidity, some would be softer. The resulting wine was a melting pot of character, not unlike Vienna itself.

Although Gemischter Satz fell out of favor in the 70's and 80's, being replaced by single varietals like Gruener Veltliner and Zweigelt, the last 10 years has seen significant renewed interest in this very typically Viennese style of wine making. In order to preserve this heritage style of wine making, Gemischter Satz recently received a Slow Food 'Ark of Taste' Award. Visit or ask your favorite wine merchant for some Gemischter Satz and buy that wonderful glass made by POLKA.